Does Your Skin Look Older Than You?

beauty-treatment-898251If you’re one of the millions of women and men who are concerned about the health of your skin, you’ll be happy to know that the latest advances in personalized skincare are here! Over time, great lengths have been taken in the spirit of obtaining a more youthful look. For example, Hollywood actresses of the early-to-mid 1900’s were known to go to extremes to look younger. They used intricate facial contraptions to stop sagging of the face, chin and neck, and to slow the appearance of aging. Wrinkles, sun damage, redness, and acne are some of the most common skin problems, and the multi-billion dollar beauty industry thrives on the sale of remedies for these conditions.

There are many anti-aging skincare choices on the market–creams, lotions, serums and scrubs–ranging in price and availability.  From the dollar store to the most exclusive department store, finding the right product for your particular skin-type can be difficult. The process of trial and error for the best products can also get expensive and become time consuming.  Just trying to figure out the right products for your chemistry can take years.

Environmental factors like the elements; sun, wind and dry air can affect the appearance of your skin.  What you put in your body can affect the quality and appearance of your skin too. The effects of an unhealthy diet, smoking, excessive sun exposure and alcohol and medications can affect the health of your skin. Your diet is a very important consideration since the right nutrients play a role in your skin’s integrity.

There is hope, though, and the answer lies within your genes. Discovering the right skincare products and nutrient supplements that work best with your skin’s genetic makeup is the modern prescription for looking and feeling your best. And a saliva sample is all it takes! Once your sample gets to a specialized lab that analyzes your DNA, you can get a report that reveals your genetic tendency toward biological and environmental aging factors such as:

·  Sun damage

·  Wrinkles

·  Cellulite

·  Antioxidant defense (oxidative stress)

·  Dry skin

·  Skin reaction to excess sugar (glycation)

·  Micronutrient deficiencies

Through Pathway Genomics, you and your physician can review your genetic skin profile to come up with a personalized skin care regimen. You’ll know what the most effective products and nutritional supplements are for your unique profile. The results are the optimal health and appearance of your skin.

So don’t let your skin look older than you are. With genetic testing and working together with your physician, you just might be on you way to looking your very best!

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