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Why Your Beauty & Skin Care Products Just Might Send You To The Hospital (Or Worse)
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Beauty and skin care products are wildly popular but unsuspecting users may not realize that the face and skin care products they’re using may be quite dangerous. Hoping to become more beautiful, we choose products without adequate knowledge of what they’re doing to our bodies. All skincare products — from the cheapest drug store brand […]

Rozerem Side Effects: What The Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know
Categories: Natural Sleep

A quote from a Rozeren user … "I went to bed at the same time as always, wearing my pink nightgown and fuzzy yellow socks. When I woke up three hours later, I was sitting by the side of the road, surrounded by policemen and paramedics. My car was wrecked. Apparently, about 2 hours after […]

How To Fall Asleep Fast Without Swallowing Ineffective Sleeping Pills
Categories: Natural Sleep

Did you know that sleep disorders have reached epidemic proportions in America? Why? It’s anybody’s guess. Perhaps it is due to the fast-paced and hectic modern lifestyle we endure. Maybe it is because of the steroid-laced foods we constantly consume. It may even be attributed to the invention of electricity, which has drastically interrupted our […]

Insomnia Remedies Prove Sleep Is The Best Medicine
Categories: Natural Sleep

Some people say laughter is the best medicine, but in reality, sleep is by far the best medicine. This is why insomnia remedies are critical to the 70 million Americans who suffer from a lack of sleep. People who can sleep properly each night are often unaware of how necessary sleep is for one’s overall […]

8 Beauty Treatments That Can Make You Gorgeous – Or Sick!
Categories: Anti-Aging

When it comes to beauty treatments, humans sometimes show … questionable … judgment. Some of the most famous ‘beauty’ treatments in history involve such delicacies as turtle dung, ground up beetles and cow urine. The eight beauty ‘secrets’ below aren’t that bad, but some are quite dangerous, while others just might make you feel gorgeous […]

Why Over The Counter Sleep Aids Are A Genuine Hazard!
Categories: Natural Sleep

Each year, more and more Americans are suffering from long-term insomnia. People become desperate to get a good night’s sleep. Many of them will end up trying to cure their insomnia with over-the-counter sleep aids. But these OTC sleep aids are not harmless little pills as many believe. What most people do not realize is […]

Natural Hair Growth, Part 1
Categories: Hair

Natural hair growth is a subject of great concern to many people. Those with a full head of hair may snicker at those who are anxiously glancing in mirrors and trying ever remedy under the sun, but hair growth treatment is a multi billion dollar business – yep, that’s a “B” – and no joke […]

Lunesta Withdrawal: The Dirty Secret Sepracor Doesn’t Want You To Know
Categories: Natural Sleep

I received an agitated phone call early one morning from my good friend, Karen, who was attempting Lunesta withdrawal on her own. Desperate to sleep, Karen allowed herself to be persuaded to take Lunesta sleeping pills, hoping for a miracle. After only two weeks, she realized that Lunesta was not for her, primarily because she […]

Look Younger? No, BE Younger!
Categories: Anti-Aging

If you want to look younger what is the best way to do it? According to Stephen Cherniske, forget the “antiaging product” and transform your body and life. According to Cherniske, our bodies constantly dance between two forces: anabolic metabolism and catabolic metabolism. <Anabolic means repair, renew, rebuild. Catabolic means disintegration, degeneration. Cherniske says simple […]

Treatment For Insomnia After 15+ Years Of Four-Hours-Per-Night
Categories: Natural Sleep

I am truly thrilled to announce that we have a new product! Yippee! And the reason that I’m so pleased is that it’s one that is near and dear to my heart – insomnia relief. The title of the our new information product is “Learn How An Exhausted Woman Who Hadn’t Slept More Than 4 […]