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My Favorite Funny Quote (So Far)
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We’re just starting to create printable and downloadable funny quotes here at Pronoia Designs and this is my favorite one so far. Isn’t this annoyed owl simply priceless? He really does look peeved. He’s already printable but I think we’ll go ahead and make a cross stitch pattern, too. In fact, *I* might stitch him because I […]

Sophie Anderson’s “Turtle Dove” Is Spectacular!
Categories: Cross Stitch Patterns

I love the work of artist Sophie Anderson. Look at this gorgeous little girl who was one of her best works, IMO, and see if you don’t agree? The title of the painting is Turtle Dove and it’s for sale in our BRAND NEW shop as a cross stitch pattern. (Sorry for the excitement, but […]

Pronoia Designs Is Open For Business!
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  At BlissPlan, we are super thrilled today!!! Why? Because our design line, Pronoia Designs, finally has its own home. We’ve been selling on Amazon, Etsy and Craftsy, but now we have out own site and we’re going to put the bulk of our attention here. OK, But What Is Pronoia Designs, Anyway? Pronoia Designs […]

Beautiful, Lovely Thanksgiving Day
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Thanksgiving Day is so wonderful! There are no presents, few expectations and now a lot of work – UNLESS you’re unfortunate enough to be the cook, of course. :-) The real beauty is the focus on gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation for all our many blessings. I recently watched a fascinating demonstration using, of all things, gumballs. […]

Happy Halloween 2015!
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Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year! At this moment, as I sit by my computer, I have a pumpkin spice scented candle burning and a GIANT ceramic pumpkin lit and sitting on my desk, grinning goulishly at me. Centuries ago, early Europeans believed that on ‘All Hallows Eve’ the boundary between the physical and […]

Choosing The Best Sewing Machine
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In years past, I made all my own clothes on my trusty Singer sewing machine. All the women in my family sewed – beautifully. In fact, one of my grandmothers made her living sewing for the rich society women in Houston, Texas. She actually employed several women who did the basic, nitty gritty stuff while she […]

Labor Day Is The EMOTIONAL Beginning Of Glorious Autumn!
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According to the calendar it isn’t autumn – yet. But for most of us, Labor Day is the emotional beginning of autumn, just as Memorial Day is the emotional beginning of summer. I, for one, am thrilled! I love the bright orange, red and gold colors and the crisp weather. It can’t come too soon!

What Is A ZIP File & How Do I Open It?
Categories: Fun Time

We are adding a new shop to BlissPlan so that we can sell our cross stitch patterns and gorgeous printable goodies. Some of them will be in zip files. For instance, this wonderful Halloween design has four patterns in it and the best way for cross stitchers to download it is via the zip file since it […]

My First Etsy “Treasury” – Great For Your Weekend
Categories: Fun Time has a fun activity called a Treasury and I just did my first one. It’s all about funny quotes which are a great way to begin a hot August weekend. See for yourself: I’ve been making funny quotes myself to sell on Etsy and my creative juices are f-l-o-w-i-n-g! How about you? What makes […]

The Baby Boomer To The “Green” Cashier (Funny)
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  This is a funny story/article – but it does have a point to it. No matter if you’re “young” or “old”: read it and enjoy. And if you’re a baby boomer, you will probably cheer!  :lol:  Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the much older lady that she should bring […]