Lose Weight

"I Want To Lose Weight!"

Of course you do. And you should. So you'll be glad to hear about …

Five Ways To Lose Weight That Have NOTHING To Do With Diets Or Exercise!

But first let me ask you a question …

Are you able to choose a diet and exercise program
– and then follow it without struggling or cheating?


I'm guessing the answer is "NO WAY" because if you could, you wouldn't be reading this page and you would never need a "diet book" again. So isn't it obvious that something else is going on???

This program has NOTHING at all to do with:

1. Dieting …
2. Exercise …

In fact, it's simply about improving one simple thing that you do all day, every day.

A picture of DESPERATION:

Some folks are so desperate to lose weight, they even risk surgery and spend fortunes on operations, like the girl left who invested $35,000!

"When her plastic surgeon warned that the risks ranged from infection to death, Donna listened carefully. 'They are literally cutting you apart and putting you back together', she says. So did the warning give her second thoughts? "I couldn't get there fast enough', she admits."

(People magazine, November 17, 2008)

Imagine being so desperate to lose
weight that you'll risk your life!

FACT: if you can't lose weight, no matter what you do, there's only ONE reason!

The "diet industry" sure has brainwashed us! What, exactly, do they tell us to do about overweight?

1. Eat less …
2. Exercise more …
3. Take diet pills …

Isn't every book you read, every guru, talking about one of those 3 methods?

There are so many people making such absurd claims that it's insane. Here's an eBay headline:

This ad appeared on October 24! Yeah, right. If you & I lost 90 pounds in a month we'd be in adjoining beds in the hospital!


The Diet Industry Preys On Our Despair and Hopes!

We believe these people because we don't know what else to do. Filled with hope and good intentions, we take the pills, resolve that this time we will eat "correctly" and exercise faithfully every day. And maybe we do … for a while.

And even if you want to eat "correctly", what exactly does that mean?

 There's fat free or low fat or "some fat is good for you" (The Zone) …

There's the 'no carbs' or 'low carb's of Atkins or the South Beach Diet or the 'mostly carbs' of Pritikin, McDougall and others …

Eggs are in … they're out … they're back in …

Starchy veggies are good :: starchy veggies are bad …

Fruit is good OR fruit is fattening because of the high sugar content …

Blah, blah, blah …

So the old habits pull us back, and we "fail" once again.

Then what do we do? WE BLAME OURSELVES! We're made to feel guilty about being fat and have become convinced that it is our fault. We are filled with self hatred, despair and desperation. We ask ourselves: What's wrong with me?

Two things most westerners agree about are:

1. Fat is ugly …
2. Fat people are to BLAME for being that way …




Do you know the real reason why you have failed so many times? Because you're following the wrong advice!


Here is an important question …

Does your behavior make sense to you?


To lose weight you need to DO certain things. But why don't we do them?

WHY do we say we want to lose weight – then eat cheese burgers and fries for lunch?
WHY do we join a gym – and a month later realize we haven't been in the last week?
WHY do we swear not to eat after 6 PM – and find ourselves in front of the refrigerator at 9 PM, eating out of the ice cream carton with a spoon?

Isn't it obvious that something else is going on beneath the surface?



If we could follow these instructions we would already be thin!


Step #1 For A Lean And Healthy Body

Before you can take action to change your body, you must go to your core: your choice center. The place where you you make decisions and choose exactly what you will do.

Imagine yourself as a new baby … crawling … a toddler. Did you have a "weight problem"? an "eating disorder"? Obviously, not. So your current eating patterns are LEARNED.

I read a story about a man who lost 100+ pounds in 8 months. At one instant of his life, he decided to become a thin person, and he never once cheated until he was his goal weight. How was he able to do this?


His daughter needed a transplant to live and he was the only possible donor. But he was so overweight that his doctors refused to do the surgery because it would endanger his health.

With those kind of stakes, I could do what he did. Couldn't you?

I had a powerful moment myself:

I was with my two children, and we were having a wonderful time. I thought about how blessed I am in our relationship: we get along great, we enjoy each other's company, we confide in each other with perfect trust and I am as much a friend as a mother. Then I realized that the only way I could remain on this planet with them is if I have a body and I suddenly realized how important it is to take care of myself. Being overweight and eating junk food on a regular basis is not the way to stay with my kids!

When something isn't working, we humans tend to do it more.


The truth about your magnificent body:

  • Your heart beats 100,000 times every 24 hours
  • It pumps six quarts of blood, (6300 gallons/day) through 93,000 miles of blood vessels
  • 7,000,000 new blood cells are produced every second, and they make 3-5,000 trips through your body every day
  • A single cell produces more chemical reactions than all the chemical factories in the world combined
  • These reactions generate intense heat yet your body temperature remains around 98.6
  • A carrot is efficiently transformed into blood, bone and cells
  • There are thousands of components in a cell, yet we cannot even see one without a powerful microscope
  • The DNA from your 75 trillion cells would fit inside an ice cube – yet if it were unwound it would reach 80 billion miles
  • At the same instant, a human body can pump a heart, breathe, carry out thousands of chemical actions, think, play the piano and create a baby

So, isn't it ridiculous to even imagine that this glorious body can't free itself of excess weight if given even half a chance?


Instead of "controlling" our eating desires, we need to reach that peaceful inner state where control is unnecessary.
Self discipline comes when our hearts and minds are working together.
"Thin" isn't something you DO …
it's something you BECOME!


Step #2 The Action: Power Breathing

Do you know what fat really is?


Fat is stored waste material that our bodies cannot throw off.

Fat is the biological equivalent of a toxic landfill!


We get wastes from two main sources:

1. We have trillions of cells in our body, and every day billions of them die. This is a natural process and no danger to us whatsoever – unless our bodies can't get rid of them. Then they hang around polluting our entire system.

2. In modern society we all get unnatural chemicals from everywhere (they've even found DDT in mother's milk!).

Cells are the basic unit of the body, and if our cells don't get enough oxygen, they can't destroy this filth. To conserve energy, the cells change from being fat burners to fat storers and deposit layers of fat as far as possible from our critical organs.

Our "innerds" are literally swimming in our own garbage!

Gross you out? Sorry, but it's the truth. {And, no wonder so many people are tired!}

You can reset your metabolism to burn toxins and fat –

"The human body is designed to discharge 70 percent of its toxins through breathing. Only a small percentage of toxins are discharged through sweat, defecation, and urination. If your breathing is not operating at peak efficiency, you are not ridding yourself of toxins properly. If less than 70 percent of your toxins are being released through breathing, other systems of your body, such as your kidneys, must work overtime. This overwork can set the stage for a number of illnesses.

People who need to lose weight don't take in enough oxygen. Someone with a weight problem also has a breathing problem. I have seen hundreds of people start a daily breathing routine and lose weight."

From Conscious Breathing, by Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

We've all heard the saying that we humans only use 10% of our brain power. The same is true of our breathing power!

If we have a fiery, dynamic, active metabolism, our food
will be efficiently used and dieting is totally unnecessary.


If our metabolism is slow and inactive, then our bodies cannot process our food. Instead, it is turned into FAT. And, the older we get, the slower our metabolisms become. Boo!!!

Would you be shocked if …

  • Would you be shocked … if I told you that WHAT you eat isn't as important as How you eat?
  • Would you be shocked … if I told you that there is an infallible way to know exactly what you should eat to be as thin as your body naturally wants to be?
  • Would you be shocked … if I told you that you can end the "eating war" whenever you want to?
  • Would you be shocked … if I told you that "will power", sacrifice, deprivation and "control" are the worst things you can do?

A Lesson From Jessica, My 24 Year Old Daughter

I mentioned my Power Breathing to my daughter. She wanted to lose weight, (although I didn't think that she needed to at all.) Without making any big deal out of it, or even telling me about it, she just casually started Power Breathing.

She lost 21 pounds in 43 days!

She went from 131 to 110 with no stress at all … no change in eating habits (I call her the Junk Food Queen), no pills, no extra exercise – no nothing but Power Breathing. 



Peter's Molloy's Story

My friend Peter Molloy, is naturally thin. (I forgive him and like him, anyway :-)

Peter decided to try the program just because he wanted to feel better and have more energy. Here is what he says:

"I was consistently 160# before Christmas. Occasionally going to 162# but usually only for a day at most. Last week I dipped down to 158# and today I'm 156#. I'm doing the breathing exercise almost every morning. If I can't fit it in AM, I try to do it PM. Now I am thinking that I can get down to 152# if I keep up this exercise. I guess the point of the story is that it took four weeks for anything to happen, but now it appears to be happening consistently."


"If All This Is True, How Come
Everybody Doesn't Know About It?"

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. Honestly, do you think they really want us to stop buying their pills, powders and special foods? After all, they can't make any money off oxygen. If they could figure out a way, they would!

Right or wrong?

And ask yourself if they really care about your health – or your pocketbook? After all, Phen Fen and Redux diet pills actually KILLED people. But, the manufacturers didn't remove it from the market until million dollar lawsuits and the government forced them to take action.

The unpopular truth (unpopular with the weight loss industry, that is) is that the answer, the wisdom is inside of you, not some outside authority.

FACT: Your current beliefs & strategies aren't working!
If they were, you wouldn't be reading this.


Our eBook is called:

It isn't just about weight loss – it's about being a radiant, vibrant, energetic, glowing, powerful person. It's about becoming a Super Being who is thrilled to be alive and fully capable of creating the life of her/his dreams.

The authors, Sydney and Jessica,
have lost large amounts of weight by following these simple steps.

YOU can do it, too!

  • It takes takes only 15-20 minutes/day (Sorry, but the "I don't have time" excuse won't fly. I even do it in my car :-)
  •  Easy to do (If you can read this webpage, you can figure out how to do this simple technique.)
  •  Simple because there's only ONE thing to do (If you've ever tried complicated programs with dozens of food "rules" or 47 different exercise positions, you'll really appreciate this.)
  •  It's free (unless you really ENJOY paying health clubs and diet pill manufacturers?)
  •  You won't ever run out (you may know that sick feeling – you look in the bottle and realize you only have three pills left and you have to order them from across the country. You know they'll never arrive in time.)
  •  No dieting necessary! (Once your metabolism is a roaring furnace, your body will naturally burn up that nasty fat.)
  •  Exercise is not necessary (learn the truth about aerobic exercise, and why it works – a truth the exercise clubs don't want you to know!)
  •  Promotes health (when they aren't loaded with toxic sludge, your cells will throw a gala party!)
  •  You will feel better (your body will be so clean and sparkling that you MUST feel better.)
  •  Your energy is certain to skyrocket (your body isn't using all your energy just dealing with old dead cells and wastes.)
  •  You can do this anywhere (no more 20 minute drives to the gym. In fact, you can even discreetly do this in busy airports or walking in the mall.)
  •  It's totally safe and natural and works with natural processes of your own body (we all know those diet pills are some version of "speed" – even the so-called "natural" ones.)
  •  Make peace with your wonderful body (give up all the self hate and frustration by developing a new respect and love for your body and its wisdom.)
  •  It doesn't matter how much weight you have to lose (actually, the more you have to lose, the faster it will work.)
  •  You will be more cheerful and optimistic (increased oxygen signals your brain to release endorphins, the "feel good" hormone. And it's all natural. No drugs.)
  •  Viruses and germs head for the hills ("dead" air is the perfect breeding ground for the darn things because they hate oxygen.)
  •  You will feel more powerful! (What could you do if you had a clearer mind and felt proud of yourself?)
  •  Your weight and inch loss will be permanent (that is, it's real fat, instead of just water or – even worse – muscle loss.)
  •  It's pleasant to do (once you get the habit, you will probably find yourself deep breathing more and more often, just because you like it.)
  •  You will look better (is this your #1 reason for wanting to be lean and fit? It is for many people.)
  •  Kiss the self hatred goodbye and send it on its way (you won't really miss it, will you?)
  •  Your clothes will look better and better (uh oh, here is a downside – you might look so much better than you start spending huge amounts of cash on new clothes.)


The Good News (for a change)

We have found four ways to speed up this process

They are all simple and natural – and three of them are FREE, while the other is inexpensive! Even better, they're good for you!

The definition of Weight Mastery: regardless of your metabolism, genetic structure or body type, you can weigh exactly what you want to weigh, and remain
at that ideal state forever, without struggle or effort.

YOU have the power! You always did!

You just don't realize it yet.


Here Are Your Options

1. Keep spending money on pills and exercise joints, while you starve yourself off and on. After all, your health doesn't matter, as long as you get thin, right?

2. Or learn a healthy way to permanently lose weight (no more yo-yo diets for you!).

Can we guarantee that you will lose weight? Of course not! If you don't use this information, nothing will change! What we can guarantee, though, is that you will get results IF YOU USE IT!


"How Do I Know If This Book Is For Me?"

If you need to quickly lose 5 pounds and you can do it by skipping dessert for two weeks – this book is not for you.

If you think that "diet pills" will solve your problem (and maybe they will) – this book is not for you.

If you have the iron will to cut your calories in half, or spend two hours at the gym every day, and the weight falls off – the book is not for you.

But, if you are stuck, hopeless and don't know where to turn – then this book IS for you.


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