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My Detox Cleanse: Day 2
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Yesterday was my first full day of my detox cleanse and it wasn’t bad at all. Obviously, it’s too early to have any report on results. But first, here’s an important question you need to answer before even considering a cleansing diet for yourself … Is A Detox Cleanse A Good Idea, A Fad Or […]

Detox Cleanse Center
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We have multiple articles on Blissplan on the subject of detoxing and cleansing. And currently, I am blogging about my personal efforts with a cleansing diet. It's specifically about detoxing my liver – and all my other organs are bound to benefit. So please feel free to follow along, make comments and ask questions. My […]

My Cleansing Diet: Liver Detox Prep
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I have committed to a cleansing diet for the next two weeks – and possibly much longer – so if you’d like to follow along, please do so and feel free to ask questions or make comments. Obviously, I’m interested in a full body cleanse but my main concern is a liver detox. And naturally, […]