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The Health Benefits of Juicing for the Body
Categories: Mixed Bag

Our guest author today is writing about the supremely healthy practice of drinking fresh veggie and fruit juices. The super concentration of vitamins, minerals and liquid are a much better prescription for health than drugs can ever be. Juicing is defined as the process of extracting juice from vegetables and fruits. While the process can […]

Improving Hypertension: Lowering Your Risk Of Heart Disease & More
Categories: Health

Our guest author today has experience in dealing with hypertension. Folks, this stuff kills! If you even suspect you have a problem take action immediately. The American Heart Association estimates that approximately 7.4 million Americans, and 1 in 3 adults have hypertension, or high blood pressure. There are also certain trends among ethnic groups when […]

6 Ways To Save Money On Food
Categories: Mixed Bag, Natural Remedies

If you’ve been to the grocery store regularly over the past few years, you will have noticed how much more expensive food has become. Sometimes I am horrified by the costs – especially since I’m a vegetarian and focus on fresh fruits and vegetables which are horrifying expensive. In fact, the cost has inspired me […]