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Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Recipe: Peanut Butter
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Do you like homemade ice cream? Most likely, that’s as silly as question as asking if you like to breathe! I’ve thought about buying an ice cream freezer but almost all the recipes I find are really high in calories and fat and they include stuff that I don’t want to eat – like cream […]

Popular Fad Diets: The 3 Day Diet Plan
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The 3 Day Diet plan is an incredibly strict, very low calorie diet, that is supposed to be followed for no more than three days. Which is a darned good thing since the calories are too low for health. The diet promises a loss of "up to" 10 pounds in those three days. Whenever I […]

Popular Fad Diets: The Ice Cream Diet
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The ice cream diet is one of the popular fad diets. No surprise there. The possibility of scarfing down ice cream – and losing weight – is simply irresistible to many of us. The Ice Cream Diet Plan What you get to eat: this diet plan allows three meals/day plus one snack. In addition, there […]