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A Law of Attraction Quote That Is Useful NOW!
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Do you have a “voice” in your head? Of course you do! We all do. And today’s Law of Attraction quote tells us what we have to do to get rid of the damn thing. Or things, cuz there’s lot of them. (They even argue with each other!) You know the voice. It’s the one […]

Abraham Hicks on Happiness and The Law of Attraction
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Esther Hicks/Abraham Hicks is our favorite Law of Attraction (LOA) teacher and she blasts through lots of weak ideas in this classy video. The topic is money, but her advice truly applies to anything we would like to add or subtract from our lives. But as big a fan as I am of the LOA, I have […]

Sydney’s Gratitude Journal Day 1: An Invitation To You
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I, Sydney Johnston, am committing to (at least) a 30 day gratitude journal on this blog. And I extend an invitation to YOU to do likewise. It doesn’t matter where you express your gratitude and appreciation but you are welcome to post an entry in the comments section below my entries.   A Powerful WHY For […]

5 Clues That A Binge Eating Disaster Is Imminent
Categories: Beauty, Weight Loss

Many years ago there was a TV series called 'Lost In Space'. One of the stars of this cheesy show was a robot who would warn of approaching problems by repeating the words, "Danger, Will Robinson, danger". So if you've ever found yourself deep into binge eating before you even consciously realized what was happening, […]

Abraham Hicks Provides Missing Piece of Law of Attraction
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Abraham Hicks refers to Esther Hicks and her teachings from the entity known as Abraham. Esther is a famous teacher who has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people – including mine. In fact, this writing is about a way she has changed my life by making it so much easier. When I […]

The Law of Attraction & How To Change Your Life
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In an earlier article we described how Napoleon Hill met one of the most successful and wealthy men of the 20th century, Andrew Carnegie. The two men spent three days discussing “The Secret” to which Carnegie attributed his almost unbelievable success. Carnegie explained that everything about business was an aspect of this one, all-important “secret”. […]

The Law Of Attraction: A Philosophy To Deal With Addiction
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The Law of Attraction exploded in the popular mindset with the release of the movie "The Secret". But as today’s guest author rightly states, there is nothing new about this knowledge. What is new, though, is the increasingly widespread use of this natural Law to deal with life-destroying habits like alcohol and drug addiction. A […]

Napoleon Hill, Carnegie’s Secret & The Law of Attraction
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Napoleon Hill is famous for being the author of Think and Grow Rich, the most famous self-help prosperity book ever written. What is less well known is that in 1928 Hill published an eight volume set called The Law of Success. In 1937, Hill released a revised version which became Think and Grow Rich. Yes, […]