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How To Teach Your Kids Positive Thinking
Categories: Self Help

Positive thinking receives a lot of criticism from the cynical. That’s because they misunderstand the power of this way of thinking. They believe that its advocates are airy-fairy types who think that a Ferrari will float down from the sky and land on the driveway just because we think it will. That is NOT the […]

Motivation: Easier Than You Think!
Categories: Mixed Bag

Our guest author today has written so beautifully about Zumba that I'm ready to sign up immediately. Having fun, while getting in shape, sounds like the Impossible Dream, doesn't it? And PS: Maggie also loves … orangutans. I had let myself be lazy long enough. I enjoyed it, but it was time to get back […]

The Key Component to Success & Satisfaction: Your Attitude
Categories: Self Help

Brent, our guest author today, has written an extremely cool article about attitude and I agree with every word he says. Most people think that we have no control over our beliefs and feelings but that’s just not so. As Abraham Hicks says, “Nothing is more important than feeling good.” I’m sure you’ve heard the […]

10 Weight Loss Myths
Categories: Weight Loss

Our guest author today explains some of the more common weight loss myths. I recognize some of them – do you? Everyone has his or her own take on the best way to lose weight. Over the ages, weight loss has become one of the most socially controversial subjects, with so many opposing views, ideas, […]

Practical & Sane Weight Loss Tips
Categories: Weight Loss

There are a lot of weight loss tips and plans out there. You will be amazed by the number of weight loss suggestions and tips which don’t help most people. Why is that? It could be either the tips they are getting are not at all reliable, or they may have understood the tips, but […]

The Cause Of Motion Sickness Is Sensory Confusion
Categories: Natural Remedies

When I was a kid I suffered terribly from motion sickness. This lasted through my 30s and it was terrible sometimes – I had to take Dramamine to ride the bus to my college classes! There are many activities that can cause motion sickness: traveling by car, plane or boat; riding a roller coaster, bungee […]