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My Detox Cleanse: Day 3
Categories: Mixed Bag

Day 3 of The Liver Cleansing Diet has gone well. I like the author's attitude. She says that if we go on a 24 hour cream cheese-ice cream-chocolate binge, we don't need to cut our throats in despair. :-) Our detox cleanse isn't ruined. We went down a wrong trail for a time and our […]

Tortilla Wraps: My Absolutely, ‘Favoritest’ Tortilla Wrap Recipe
Categories: Mixed Bag

My breakfast this morning was a tortilla wrap. Actually, even though I only ate one, it's more accurate to call them tortilla wraps, plural, since it can be made in so many different ways that I rarely eat the same tortilla roll up twice. It's a collection of healthy goodies wrapped in a tortilla. My […]