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Practical & Sane Weight Loss Tips
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There are a lot of weight loss tips and plans out there. You will be amazed by the number of weight loss suggestions and tips which don’t help most people. Why is that? It could be either the tips they are getting are not at all reliable, or they may have understood the tips, but […]

Deprivation Of Sleep: The Miserable And Dangerous Effects Of Sleep Deprivation
Categories: Mixed Bag

Deprivation of sleep is defined as a reduction or disruption in the number of hours of necessary sleep. The necessary amount of sleep can vary greatly from person to person; there is no standard number that can be applied to everyone. Generally, sleep deprivation is not considered harmful for a person if it does not […]

Why Over The Counter Sleep Aids Are A Genuine Hazard!
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Each year, more and more Americans are suffering from long-term insomnia. People become desperate to get a good night’s sleep. Many of them will end up trying to cure their insomnia with over-the-counter sleep aids. But these OTC sleep aids are not harmless little pills as many believe. What most people do not realize is […]