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Finding The Best Binoculars For Your Situation: Part 4
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In this last part of our series on binoculars, we start with military models, which many of us will never need, but you never know what situation you will find yourself in and far-vision is an absolute must in military maneuvers. Military binoculars  Different than any other military equipment, a military binocular is something that […]

Finding The Best Binoculars For Your Situation: Part 3
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As mentioned in Parts 1 and 2 of this series on binoculars, there are a myriad of choices. Today we’ll discuss which binoculars to use when you’re wandering the galaxies. :-) Astronomy Binoculars  We all can’t be astronauts and we all can’t just get into a spaceship when we feel like getting closer to the […]

Finding The Best Binoculars For Your Situation: Part 2
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Buying binoculars has everything to do with what you want to accomplish, as we mentioned in Part 1 of this series. Here are some more choices.  Canon binoculars  Canon, a trusted name in the optical technology industry, is known for their innovation with the image stabilizer technology used in their binoculars. For those people that have […]

29 Lemon Uses: Smart Ways To Use Lemon Juice and Lemon Essential Oil & Save Money
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Lemons are a really useful fruit. They’re not just for lemonade and to squirt on fish – they have lots of uses around the house. Here are just a few of them and this is NOT an exhaustive list, but just our idea of really cool ways to use this bright yellow fruit. And don’t […]

Happy Memorial Day 2020
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Happy Memorial Day 2020. It’s a strange day compared to the holiday of other years.  It’s the unofficial, emotional start of summer although that calendar event is officially several weeks away. And it’s a day to honor those brave men and women so that we might remain free. And then, there’s the irony of governments […]

Finding The Best Binoculars For Your Situation: Part 1
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Talking about the ‘best’ binoculars is a loaded gun because the best binoculars depend on our situation. Since we’ve recently researched this subject, we’ve chosen to do a series of post of this fascinating (if you’re in the market :-) consumer area. Here are the ones we’ve found. Meade Binoculars  Meade binoculars are usually the […]

Cree LED Light Bulb = RIPOFF!!!
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We bought a Cree LED light bulb and the damn thing is a total ripoff!!! Here’s why we make that claim … We paid almost $12 for this crappy thing and the manufacturer, Cree, claimed it would give us 30,000 hours of use. OK, that’s a ‘give or take’ number and I’m cool with that. […]

DIY Spice Blends: 7 Spice Blend Recipes That Save Money & Are Easy To Prepare
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Most cooks use spices and spice blends add all kinds of amazing flavors, If you make your own, you can control those flavors – for instance, you might like your chili very hot, so you can add more of the hotter peppers. And you can save money because you’re buying the ingredients in larger amounts […]

Repurpose The Back Yard Shed and Make It Useful Once Again
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Backyard sheds are extremely trendy right now. They have always been utilized for standard tool storage purposes, but over the past decade, people have begun to envision new ways to utilize their sheds to maximize their benefits on their properties. What are some fun and practical ways that sheds are being used? Uses For Sheds: […]

Review: Delta Lyndall 48 x 71 in. Frameless Contemporary Sliding Shower Door in Nickel with Clear Glass
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I have written several posts about my shower remodel that occurred in November of 2019 and a prime piece is my Delta Lyndall 48 x 71 in. Frameless Contemporary Sliding Shower Door in Nickel with Clear Glass, pictured below. I mentioned elsewhere that our contractor changed the dimensions of my shower to fit the acrylic […]