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The Swine Flu Disease Doesn’t Exist!
Categories: Natural Remedies

Dr. Robert Young, author of the pH Balance Diet, says the swine flu disease doesn’t exist. He’s been saying that for quite a long time, actually. Below you will find an article written by him that is very thought-provoking. The following is an email exchange between Matt Schweder and Dr. Robert O. Young concerning the […]

Mandatory Vaccination Risks Ruled Unconstitutional By Court
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Concerned about vaccination risks? Me, too and currently the swine flu shot is a real cause for concern, IMO. Good news, though, from a press release on August 12 of this year: opponents of the forced flu vaccination won an injunction against the federal government to stop these. Notice this comment from the press release: […]

How To Be Immune To The Swine Flu
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The world, and particularly the US, is awash these days with fear over the Swine Flu, with people wandering the streets and stores wearing masks to protect themselves from this coming ‘pandemic’ (which simply means disease spread over a large geographic area). The Swine Influenza paid us a visit in the 1970s but this is […]

Flu Drugs & Flu Medications Are 99% Ineffective
Categories: Natural Remedies

An earlier post on this blog recommended against getting a flu shot and that recommendation against flu medications is apparently justified. The hands-down leader among flu drugs in the US is Tamflu and almost all flu this season is resistant to Tamiflu. According to the CDC in Atlanta, last winter 11% of the flu swabs […]

Cayce Castor Oil Packs Definitely A Congestion Remedy
Categories: Natural Remedies

Many years ago I read about the famous Edgar Cayce castor oil pack. At the time I was suffering from a cold and cough and all their hideous little cousins and the darned stuff just wouldn’t go away. So I figured I didn’t have much to lose. Since we’ve now entered the famous cold & […]

Deadly Flu Shot Side Effects Make Compulsory Flu Shots A Crime
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It’s no exaggeration to say that there are DEADLY flu shot side effects and flu shot reactions that are especially dangerous for children, and yet … ==> New Jersey is the first state in the nation to requite mandatory flu shots for preschoolers, but Ontario province in Canada has a similar requirement and other states […]