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5 Movies That Take a Comedic Approach to Economics
Categories: Mixed Bag

If you’re following the current economic disaster around the world, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. What does it all mean? What’s important? What are the ‘right’ answers for getting out of this mess? No wonder economics is called the “dismal science”. Well, here’s some good news … we can learn […]

Motivation: Easier Than You Think!
Categories: Mixed Bag

Our guest author today has written so beautifully about Zumba that I'm ready to sign up immediately. Having fun, while getting in shape, sounds like the Impossible Dream, doesn't it? And PS: Maggie also loves … orangutans. I had let myself be lazy long enough. I enjoyed it, but it was time to get back […]

Ways to Eat Healthily and Save Money
Categories: Recipes-Food

Nan, our guest author today, has some interesting ideas about food. I especially like her idea about making our own snack mixes. Lots of them, for instance, have pretzels and I don't like them much. They're not repulsive or anything – just boring. For instance, who would eat saltines unless they were nauseated? Same kind […]

Belly Fat Remedy
Categories: Weight Loss

Our guest author today discusses a topic that is near and dear to my heart – belly fat. No matter how thin I am, I always have a slight tummy bulge. It seems to be the LAST darn spot to thin down. Have you been struggling to learn how to lose belly fat? If so, […]

Feng Shui Your House Into a Home
Categories: Mixed Bag

Feng Shui is interesting to me but I admit that I don't know anything about it. So, we were glad to receive this article on the subject and learn a few of the basics from our guest author. Since we spend a good deal of time inhabiting the space we call “home”, it makes sense […]

The Key Component to Success & Satisfaction: Your Attitude
Categories: Self Help

Brent, our guest author today, has written an extremely cool article about attitude and I agree with every word he says. Most people think that we have no control over our beliefs and feelings but that’s just not so. As Abraham Hicks says, “Nothing is more important than feeling good.” I’m sure you’ve heard the […]

Four Benefits of Frankincense Oil
Categories: Beauty

Frankincense is mentioned in the Bible as a gift given to the baby Jesus by the three Wise Men. Obviously, it is an old and highly-valued oil and our guest author today mentions four powerful benefits. Frankincense oil is extracted from the resin of frankincense trees. The bark of the tree is pierced, causing the […]

Snorers Earn Less Income
Categories: Mixed Bag

Snoring can be a serious condition and even if you don’t snore yourself, you just might be driven stark raving NUTS by your spouse or roommate who does. Jonathan, our guest author today, states that snorers actually earn less money than those who are quiet sleepers. Do you live with a snorer? Are you a […]

Home Security: Don’t Let YOUR Home Be a Target
Categories: Mixed Bag

Our guest author today is an expert on home security and any advice for keeping our families safe is very welcome. Watch the evening news for about five minutes and see if you don't feel uneasy. Yes, the media exploits our fears but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't take precautions. Foil the Bad Guys! […]

10 Weight Loss Myths
Categories: Weight Loss

Our guest author today explains some of the more common weight loss myths. I recognize some of them – do you? Everyone has his or her own take on the best way to lose weight. Over the ages, weight loss has become one of the most socially controversial subjects, with so many opposing views, ideas, […]