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Improving Hypertension: Lowering Your Risk Of Heart Disease & More
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Our guest author today has experience in dealing with hypertension. Folks, this stuff kills! If you even suspect you have a problem take action immediately. The American Heart Association estimates that approximately 7.4 million Americans, and 1 in 3 adults have hypertension, or high blood pressure. There are also certain trends among ethnic groups when […]

How To Significantly Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease Through Learning How To Lower Cholesterol Without Medication
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High cholesterol is a significant element of the heart attack equation, and given heart disease is still a leading cause of death throughout the world, learning how to lower cholesterol without medication has become crucial. Your body needs cholesterol to survive and problems only occur when your cholesterol levels become imbalanced, putting you at risk […]

Dr. Oz: Losing Weight With The Dr. Oz 10 Commandments
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Dr. Oz was a relatively unknown doctor – at least, outside the New York area – until he landed on Oprah’s show. Like Dr. Phil and others before him, a coveted spot on the Oprah show turned him into an overnight rock star doc with incredible press coverage. Also like Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz now […]

Vitamin K Foods & A Vitamin K Supplement Combat Dis-ease
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If you’re interested in nutrition, both Vitamin K foods AND a daily Vitamin K supplement need to be a part of your plan. Vitamin K foods and supplements offer important physical protections and their price is quite modest. Vitamin K is especially useful for three important reasons. Vitamin K Food & Arteriosclerosis (Hardening Of The […]

Coffee Consumption Good For Human Health?
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Earlier this month, a study announced that coffee consumption on a regular basis might actually reduce the chances of heart disease. As a card-carrying Starbucks fanatic, crazed for its superior coffee, nutrition facts for coffee are always of keen interest. Anything to justify my daily latte, don’cha know. A 2002 study by Harvard nurses claimed […]