Visualization For Weight Loss

visualizationIf you've ever been a roller coaster dieter who loses weight – gains it back – loses weight again – gains it back (and more), then you know that's a bummer of a deal. Instead, you need permanent weight loss and one way to achieve just that is using visualization for weight loss.

Until approximately 300 years ago, every human society knew that we are not a body and a mind, but are indeed a "mindbody" or "bodymind". This means that we can transform our bodies with our minds. Since the subconscious mind and body think in pictures, rather than words, then we must speak their language.

Visualization is the logical way to speak 'bodymind' and it's a very simple idea. All you need to do is to focus on your ideal body on a frequent basis. Obviously, the first task is to decide exactly how you want your body to look, feel and be. And once you have that vision firmly in mind, repeat your visualization frequently and often.

Your body and brain "talk" to each other every moment of your life. If we persistently speak to our bodies in picture format, our bodies will respond by slimming down and losing the weight. This will be a natural outcome and will not involve effort and struggle on our part.

In addition, you will begin to naturally act in ways that support weight loss. All too often we're on a treadmill of conflicting desires …

Voice 1: "I want that ice cream and I want it NOW!"

Voice 2: "But you know we shouldn't eat it. We're trying to lose weight."

Voice 1: "I don't care. I've had a hard day and I deserve some ice cream."

Voice 2: "Yes, but you know we'll be sorry afterwards."

Voice 1: "I'll skip breakfast in the morning to make up for the ice cream calories."

If you're constantly visualizing yourself as a different person, this kind of conflict will slowly subside, without will power and self struggle.

Those who think that we can't affect the body with the mind are out of touch with quantum physics which has been stating for 100+ years that this is a participatory universe. Our bodies are literally eavesdropping on every word we say, so comments about how we "can't" lose weight or how "hard" it is are sabotaging all our efforts.

Of course, our goals must be realistic. Visualing ourselves as four inches taller or with natural red hair rather than natural brown are unlikely to result in significant changes. However, even this is a fascinating question because there are scientifically documented cases of people with multiple personalities who have startling physical differences. Some of these people have a personality with diabetes – and one without; one personality will be sick with the flu – while another is perfectly healthy; there is even a documented case where one personality had blue eyes – while all the others had brown eyes. These amazing stories suggest that we have much more power over on own bodies than we have ever imagined.

How To Lose Weight Naturally With Visualization

When life isn't the way we want it to be, we have a tendency to be discouraged and not believe in our own power. By constantly focusing on visualization techniques – in this case, seeing yourself the way you want to look and be – you will begin to change your mind about your body and its condition. You will believe in yourself and your ability to lose weight without the usual torture and suffering. We don't need negativity and doubt in our subconscious when we're trying to make major changes – and losing substantial amounts of weight definitely qualifies as major. In this way, we don't have to confront our negativity head on, but can allow it to die a natural death simply because we're focused on more advanced possibilities.

For thousands of years human beings have been healing their minds with visualization and meditation, especially in the morning (dawn is best), at sunset and at right before going to sleep. Many people today claim they are 'too busy' to schedule any sessions at these times. You will receive the most benefit during these special hours because your mind is more receptive. Still, any time at all is better than none.

When you sit down to visualize, spend a couple of minutes getting comfortable and allowing yourself to calm down, then merely spend 5-10 minutes seeing your "new" body. What image really hums to you? Do you see yourself in a slinky black dress or comfortable jeans that look and fit great? The content of the image is irrelevant: the only thing that matters is what resonates with you because every person's ideal is different. Practice "being" the new you.

Some experts in mind healing suggest imagine being inside your body and seeing the thighs slim down, the fat melting off your tummy, the lean and toned rear, the strong and fat-free arms. If this appeals to you, use this idea. If it doesn't, forget about it. The point is that there is no Right Way.

Once you have firm images, practice throughout the day as well. Imagine yourself wearing the slinky dress as you walk up the school steps to pick up the kids; imagine the great looking jeans as you walk down the hall of your office; hear the comments of your friends and co-workers as they enviously wonder why you're looking so great.

Have fun! Weight loss doesn't have to be miserable suffering. The easiest way to lose weight is to have a party, to rejoice, to turn the entire process into an adventure, an exploration of your bodymind.

Don't count on mind healing to rid you of tons of weight in a short time. That's not how the bodymind works. We have abused our bodies for a long time and it will take time for it to trust us again. However, if you're looking for permanent weight loss without suffering, visualization and affirmations are truly the best way.

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  1. I don’t think I’m ready yet to commit myself to visualization techniques – I have that as my plan B if my plan A fails. My plan for cutting down on the junk food is to stock up on protein bars as a replacement for the penguin bars lol with the hope that they should sort out the sugar cravings for me! ;).

  2. Nick Othen says:

    Visualization is one of the most powerful and rapid ways for any human to change, a few minutes a day is all that is required and results will be amazing.

  3. Like!
    Thanks for helping me get back on track after a week of feeling out of control.

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