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Are You Sunburned? 61 Sunburn Treatment Ideas
Categories: Beauty

It's that time of year when being sunburned is all too common. Sunburns aren't just painful – they're aging to your skin! Horrors! None of us want to look 'old' – in fact, that's a source of supreme dread in our youth-fascinated culture. Obviously, the #1 way to avoid agonizing sunburn and its aging effects […]

What Are Molluscum Warts?
Categories: Natural Remedies

A neighbor recently became semi-hysterical because of the sudden appearance of a huge crop of molluscum warts. I became curious about the ugly things and here is what I learned. Molluscum warts are caused by a different HPV virus strain than the one for more common warts. Molluscum warts look like skin-colored bumps, ranging in […]

Treatment For Diabetes: Yes, There Is A NATURAL Diabetes Treatment
Categories: Natural Remedies

Lots of folks – like me! – avoid going to the doctor for as long as we can. There are lots of reasons for this reluctance: for some people, it’s the expense; some are "too busy"; and none of us LIKE going to doctors but some people are actually afraid of them. That fear could […]

Natural Migraine Treatment: Migraine Treatments That Actually Work!
Categories: Natural Remedies

You may be one of the lucky ones; you may never have to suffer the misery of a migraine. But millions of people are not so lucky. Every 10 seconds, someone in America goes to an emergency room with a migraine headache. Migraines rank in the top 20 of the most debilitating medical ailments worldwide. […]

Treatment Of Breast Cancer? Here’s Breast Cancer Help From A FORMER Cancer Patient
Categories: Natural Remedies

Every woman (and lots of men!) dread the very possibility of breast cancer. But what if you have it? What treatment of breast cancer is best? Obviously, this is a question for every patient (HATE that word! makes us sound like total victims) to answer for herself. But if you’re looking for breast cancer help, […]

Natural Arthritis Remedies: Drug Free Treatments For Arthritis
Categories: Natural Remedies

Arthritis remedies are a major concern in the 21st century. According to the CDC, 46 million Americans have been informed by their doctor that they have this painful disease. Shockingly, the CDC also estimates that 294,000 U.S. children under age 18 (or 1 in 250 children) have been diagnosed with arthritis or another rheumatologic condition! […]

Male Pattern Balding Treatment
Categories: Mixed Bag

Male pattern balding affects many men in the world today. And though there are many "cure-all’s" touted on the internet, not all of them work. Thankfully there are a few products out there that can slow down hair loss or even make hair grow back. It is not advisable to buy the first "miracle potion" […]

Photofacials: Photo Facial Rejuvenation For Deep Skin Treatment
Categories: Mixed Bag

Photofacials are different from laser facial treatments, although some people think they are the same. Photofacial treatments give better results than laser treatments because they can treat issues like dilated vessels and pigmentation issues by going deeper into the skin. Photofacial rejuvenation is an especially effective age spot treatment. Photo facial rejuvenation is able to […]

Natural Hair Growth, Part 1
Categories: Mixed Bag

Natural hair growth is a subject of great concern to many people. Those with a full head of hair may snicker at those who are anxiously glancing in mirrors and trying ever remedy under the sun, but hair growth treatment is a multi billion dollar business – yep, that’s a “B” – and no joke […]