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SANE Weight Loss For Teenagers
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In 21st century American, weight loss and teenagers seem to have an eternal marriage. We live in a culture that is way too focused on appearance and teenagers are bombarded with messages about how they "ought" to look – mostly like their favorite movie stars and action heroes. But it's critical that they do not […]

CANNOT Lose Weight? Here’s A Permanent Answer!
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If you simply CANNOT LOSE WEIGHT, you will already know that year after year we are inundated, swamped and buried in the ‘latest and greatest’ diet books. The authors (often doctors) earnestly assure us the THEIR book will resolve our weight problems, once and for all. And perhaps they could – if we actually followed […]

Lose Weight Online? Which Online Weight Loss Groups Are Best For You?
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Most people who are interested in losing weight have, at one time or another, thought about joining some sort of weight-loss program and in fact we’ve put together a list of 160 "lose weight" online resources. They’re everywhere of course, from Weight Watchers, to Overeaters Anonymous to programs at the local health spa. But most […]

A Weight Loss Exercise Workout For Super Swift Weight Loss
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For years, most exercise programs focused almost exclusively on only one kind of cardiovascular exercise, but that it no longer the case. There’s a new kind of exercise that is exploding in popularity and it is called "high intensity interval training" – and it’s a welcome add-on to traditional "steady state" exercise. If you’re wondering […]

Whey Protein Drinks: Whey Protein For Weight Loss
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There are lots of vegetarians and vegans out there – like me – and we often consider using whey protein for weight loss. Why? Because all of the weight loss research concludes that the more muscle we have, the easier it is to be lean. And if you don’t eat animal products, whey protein drinks […]

Cheat Your Way Thin Review: 14 Doughnuts A Day? Me, Too!
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If your weight loss – or lack thereof – is driving you to eat 14 doughnuts a day, then you might wonder if there's any hope for you. Speaking for myself, as soon as diet plans appear in my life, I'm hit with an uncontrolled urge to eat, eat, eat! The problem is that all […]

Green Tea Review: Properties Of Green Tea Are Overwhelmingly Positive
Categories: Natural Remedies

Any green tea review must begin by noting that green tea is a truly cool product! The properties of green tea are myriad – or we should say that the beneficial properties of green tea are outstanding. In fact, we don’t have anything negative to say about green tea unless we drink too much of […]

The Myths Of Spot Reduction, Starvation Diets & Cardio Programs
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If you have read through health magazines routinely, you have definitely seen many tips for weight loss. Many of these so-called tips are misinformation, wishful thinking or promotion, like the value of spot reduction, starvation diets and cardio programs as weight loss miracle. Tips that won’t work are the ones that offer fad diet, pills […]

Safe Diets
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We’ve talked a lot about popular fad diets on this blog, but what about SAFE diets? Safe diets aren’t really a major topic of conversation in 21st century America – but diets are. Unfortunately, the ‘safe’ part is mostly overlooked. These days, we have much more information about the proper way to take care of […]

A Healthy Way To Lose Weight: Weight Control Programs & Your Expectations
Categories: Natural Remedies

If you seek a healthy way to lose weight, the first place to begin is with your expectations. Ask yourself honestly: do you expect to success or do you expect to fail? Most of the time (every time?) when we "go on a diet", we worry that if we don’t do everything just exactly right, […]