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Happy 4th of July America!
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If you live in the United States, have a  very happy and safe 4th of July.

Fireworks Laws for All 50 States
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This Friday is the 4th of July, a big celebration of our independence day. And, of course, noisy fireworks are a part of this day so if you're in the US (and want to make loud noises), you need to know the laws of your state, so here they are … When I was a […]

What To Do For SERIOUS Consumer Complaints
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Several years ago I got into a spat with Comcast. We dropped their service and went to AT&T and they claimed we owed them a substantial sum for a DVR that we had never received. We had no need of the box since we had TiVo, at the time. Comcast claimed their driver 'remembered' delivering […]

My Wheat Free Diet Diary: I’m Losing Weight … FINALLY!
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I don't have a scale so I have to use someone else's. So Thursday morning I got on the evil thing (OK, scales aren't evil if they give me good news :-) and was amazed and happy and thrilled and ecstatic and … well, you get the idea. I don't know exactly what I weighed […]

Just For Kids: The World’s First Roller Coaster
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Before your kids pile in the car to go to a Disney park or Six Flags, you might want to show them this Library of Congress picture of the world's first-ever roller coaster. It opened at Coney Island in New York in 1886 and cost $.05 to ride. It had to have been a thrill […]

My Wheat Free Diet Diary: Peanut Butter Pancakes Recipe
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Since I'm experimenting with the wheat free diet, I tried to make peanut butter pancakes. This gluten free pancake recipe couldn't be any easier – unless somebody else would make them for me! :-) I've put my verdict below. The Peanut Butter Pancakes Recipe I started with Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix. The […]

My Wheat Free Diet Diary: Gluten Free Wraps
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I'm having a lot of fun with my wheat free diet. Experimenting with new recipes is mostly fun – except when they turn out to be terrible. And gluten free wraps are biggies with me because I love and adore wraps, so let me share a recipe that turned out well. It's from the Wheat […]

My Wheat Free Diet Diary: Why Go Gluten Free ~ Wheat Free?
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I am devoting the month of June to being a guinea pig for a gluten free and wheat free diet. So I have started this ‘diary’ to help anyone else who might be interested in doing likewise. It’s important to note that I have NOT been diagnosed with any wheat allergies or celiac disease. Actually, […]

Happy Memorial Day 2014
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Our American soldiers, both men and women, risk their very lives to keep us safe. A day to celebrate and honor them is the LEAST we can do. So have a safe and happy Memorial Day all you brave people. And the same to the rest of you. Stay safe and sober – and don't […]

Kids: Sleepover at the National Archives Building, August 2, 2014
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If my kids were 8-12 or my granddaughter was old enough, I'd sign them up for a sleepover at the National Archives Building in Washington DC on August 2. According to their website info, the kids will get to see our country's greatest documents, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights. There are […]