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10 Tips For Choosing Whole Grain Foods
March 21, 2014 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

It’s hardly a secret that whole grain foods are much healthier than refined grains. For centuries, only the wealthy ate “white” foods while the peasants and poorer folks ate whole grains. Lucky peasants. They got the fiber, minerals and vitamins while the rich folks ate polished grains. But even today, most people prefer ‘refined’ grains, […]

Monitoring Your Thoughts & Overcoming Negative Emotions During Meditation
March 20, 2014 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Thinking involves making associations, letting our thoughts and imagination expand and develop freely and naturally. In meditation, not only do we have to use our imagination and our ability to think, but we also need to be able to monitor the various thoughts and feelings that arise spontaneously in us. Try detaching yourself and observing […]

Candle Meditation Technique
March 7, 2014 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Calming our minds, relaxing and letting go is a superb way to improve anybody's health. So this simple candle meditation is offered for the many people who believe they can't meditate. As someone who meditates walking down the street, while taking a shower, while cutting the grass and many other times all day long, I […]

Do Colorectal Cancer Tests Reduce Our Risk of Colon Cancer?
February 23, 2014 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Personally, I don't "do" all the recommended tests that are available from the medical industry. But lots of people swear by them and the CDC claims that colorectal cancer tests will reduce our risk of getting this awful disease. They especially recommend them if: 1. There is a history of colon cancer in your family, […]

3 Tips For Safely Using Electric Generators
February 14, 2014 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

With record-setting cold and storms in the US this winter, use of electric generators has skyrocketed. However, they can be dangerous – as the attached infographic from the U. S. Consumer Safety Product Commission clearly demonstrates. So here are their suggestions for safely using your electric generator while staying warm … and even having power left […]

Day 3: “Catastrophic” Winter Storm
February 13, 2014 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

All kinds of adjectives have been used to describe the winter storm that has been battering the south for the last 3 days: catastophic, disastrous, epic, unprecedented. Frotunately, the worst is over (I think). The sleet/freezing rain/snow seems to be slowing down and the temps are supposed to reach 41 degrees today. Hopefully, the roads […]

Winter Storm in Atlanta, February 12, 2014
February 12, 2014 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

The weather here is VERY wintery. We haven't been outside all day long and the current sleet and freezing rain is expected to go on for many more hours, with a few inches of snow later tonight. I heard about a recent story in the New York Times which announced that snow was over in […]

Baby Skin Care: Cradle Cap, Eczema and Diaper Rash
February 11, 2014 .:. Categories: Kids

Of all the skin care products available on the market, baby skin care should be -but isn't always, sadly – the most gentle. All parents want the best for their babies and because of this; there are many options available for just that purpose. Before selecting a baby care product, make sure you carefully read the […]

The Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer
January 30, 2014 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

This image is from the CDC (Center For Disease Control) and makes suggestions for getting pap tests – none of which have I followed, by the way. They state that the factors that make a woman high risk for cervical cancer are: Smoking is a giant biggie Giving birth to three or more children Using […]

Wind Chill: Is It Safe For Your Kids To Play Outdoors?
January 23, 2014 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

With the current frigid temperatures in the U.S., many moms might be wondering if it’s safe for their kids to play outside? And if so, for how long? This wind chill chart from the National Weather Service just might answer those questions since it gives us a way to estimate how long it will be […]

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