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Can Natural Remedies Help With Hearing Loss?
June 14, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Many people suffer from hearing loss and unfortunately more are developing it everyday. There are conventional methods of treatment but are there alternatives that have proven to work? Noise induced hearing loss is one of the most common forms of deafness that people are developing. This is mainly due to working environments or listening to […]

Human Oral SR1 Bacteria: Cracking the Genetic Code
June 10, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Our bodies are nothing more than a habitat for bacteria. In fact, many of these bacteria share space with the food we put into our mouth. Our mouth – the one place where we are most afraid of bacteria. That's why we brush, floss, and use a wild assortment of gargles and rinses to keep […]

Dealing With Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
June 6, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with Sacroiliitis about 2 years ago.  I have always stayed pretty active throughout my life, playing sports throughout high school, and running and biking after that. Hip pain issues had never been a problem for me up to this point. When I started experiencing hip pain on […]

Medical News: FDA Issues Warning Regarding Temporary Tattoos
May 15, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning in late March cautioning spring break revelers, and those planning summer vacations, about the dangers associated with temporary tattoos. Since getting temporary tattoos have increased in popularity, the FDA is finding an increased number of people reporting adverse effects of certain types of temporary tattoos. The […]

Can You Drink Alcohol and Maintain Athletic Performance?
May 3, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Young athletes are often exposed to alcohol. While some think it is perfectly okay to drink, others are afraid that they are hurting their athletic performance. Some people swear by their strict no-alcohol routine, while others seemingly drink all the time with no worries. In the end, it is of course up to you if […]

Global Agricultural Figures & Trends
May 1, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Financial turmoil and economic downtrends have been evident throughout the world and in most sectors. Yet, in the agricultural machinery sector, there has been an uptrend, reflecting an annual compounded growth rate of 3.9% between the years 2007-11. Figures from the Industry This steady increase has been fuelled largely by Asia Pacific and Europe. Large […]

How Can We Lead a Stress-Free Life?
April 29, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

About fifty years ago, my father lead an unhappy life in Albuquerque. He used to sell anything he could lay his hands on, from flowers and stickers to furniture and cars. He didn't have anybody to lean on and lost his parents early in life. I am proud of him because he came up in life […]

Is there a Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia?
April 27, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

At one point when I was living in another state than my parents, my father had been hospitalized for a short period. I learned later from my mother that during his stay, he had been given a strong medication that had, according to my mother’s report of what the doctor had told her, “triggered” dementia […]

A Touching Video of a … Ticklish Baby Penguin
April 9, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

This baby penguin  is so full of life and joy that it's hard to watch him without feeling wonderful. He is bliss in rapid motion. We really aren't so different from other species, are we?      

Become a Powerful Creator and Manifest Your Dreams
March 22, 2013 .:. Categories: Brain Training

Tapping into your subconscious mind, and visualizing positivity to reach a successful future are the very first two ways to manifest your dreams. Dreaming is considered something that happens in a state of slumber, or while being withdrawn, and although that is true, it does not make what is happening within the dream unobtainable. When […]

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