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Become a Powerful Creator and Manifest Your Dreams
March 22, 2013 .:. Categories: Brain Training

Tapping into your subconscious mind, and visualizing positivity to reach a successful future are the very first two ways to manifest your dreams. Dreaming is considered something that happens in a state of slumber, or while being withdrawn, and although that is true, it does not make what is happening within the dream unobtainable. When […]

Tips to Replenish Your Body and Soul
March 11, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Our workplace performance should always be the best we can make it. So we should know how to strike a balance between working hard as well as relaxing the body and mind. It is only then when you can give your best and perform excellently. With tension and stress you will not be able to […]

Staying Slim and Healthy With Almond Milk
March 8, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Soy milk. Rice milk. Coconut milk. When it comes to alternatives to traditional cow milk, there are a lot of options out there for people who can’t handle lactose or want to avoid dairy for other reasons. One that you don’t hear a whole lot about, though, is almond milk. Made by mixing finely ground […]

Saving Money on Your Health Care
March 7, 2013 .:. Categories: Save Money

The organic world has a bad reputation for being expensive. This is true of organic groceries and even truer for herbal and natural remedies that people can use to help themselves feel better when they are sick or injured. Here’s some good news: reputations aren’t everything. There are plenty of ways to make natural and […]

Living The High Life in Hot Vacation Spots
March 6, 2013 .:. Categories: Environment

If you have ever been to California, Hawaii or Florida you might have heard the locals saying, "Why would I go on vacation? I live on vacation!" And that just may be true. Living in a tropical or beachside city might be one of the happiest places to live. Living the good life in paradise, […]

The Law of Attraction: Why You Still Need To Work Hard
February 27, 2013 .:. Categories: Law of Attraction, Mixed Bag

In the Law of Attraction niche, the masters talk about letting go of trying too hard and struggling because we don't have to. It's a waste of energy. The Universe will help us make our desires a reality. We just need to take "inspired action". This is actually true in my own life. Back when […]

Preventing Tooth Decay – Everyday Dental Care Basics
February 22, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Some diseases and conditions can make tooth decay and tooth loss more likely. Tooth decay is destruction of the tooth structure and it can affect the outer coating or enamel of the tooth and the dentin layer as well. Teeth can decay when carbohydrate-rich foods such as cakes, soda, candy, milk, bread etc., are left […]

Why The Position You Sleep In Is The Key To A Good Night’s Rest
February 11, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Getting a good night's sleep can make all the difference between a great day and a bad day. People who are chronically sleep-deprived suffer mood disorders, impaired cognitive functions and slowed reaction times. The health benefits of adequate sleep are innumerable. Without regular restful sleep, you become more susceptible to health problems, such as heart […]

A Visit From Sir Henry The Turkey Vulture
February 10, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

The phone rang and I picked it up to hear my son's voice: "I'm calling you from the driveway." Say what? "There's a huge bird out here and he's heading into the garage." I hurried to the garage and we both watched a huge turkey vulture, left wing extended, drag himself into the garage and […]

Top 5 Psychological Disorders That We Dread
February 8, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

When you think about health, most of the time you find that you will only consider the physical aspect of it. In fact, many people believe that true health involves avoiding all physical issues. Holistic health actually affects many other areas and one of the areas that are commonly ignored is the mental or the […]

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