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Amazing Hypocrisy: The US Government Approves Aspartame – But Wants To “Protect” Us From Vitamins & Minerals
July 4, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

The "Dietary Supplement Labeling Act", like all such laws, sounds so pure and innocent in its description. Introduced by US Senator Dick Durbin, and defeated in 2011, the bill would allow the Federal Drug Administration to regulate vitamins and minerals more stringently than drugs. Durbin has announced that he plans to re-submit this monstrosity which […]

Aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet) Is A DEADLY Poison!
July 4, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Lots of folks eat or drink "low calorie" foods and beverages like diet soft drinks, mistakenly believing they're controlling their weight and possibly avoiding sugar. One common substance is  aspartame, marketed as Equal or Nutrasweet. Folks, don't injest this stuff!!! I have been preaching about this poison ever since I read several studies about it causing brain […]

3 Possible Causes of Manic Depression
July 2, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

When people begin to have extreme highs and lows in their mood, one consideration is bipolar illness. This is also known as manic depression. This is a life-long mental illness filled with emotional pain and distress for those who have it as well as their families. Although the exact cause is not known, there are […]

5 Causes of Depression in Teenagers
June 29, 2013 .:. Categories: Kids

There are a number of possible causes of depression in teenagers. If parents and teachers remain aware of them, intervention can occur before the situation becomes debilitating for the teen and the family. 1. Self Esteem Issues The adolescent years are times of tremendous change. Not only are their hormones running rampant, they may be […]

The Plants in De-Stress
June 27, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag, Wellness

I get the craziest looks when I tell my friends that the plants in my home are a key factor in de-stressing my daily life. Okay, it’s not like I come home and ivy vines give me a shoulder massage while I settle down on the couch. The stress reducing effects of plants are a […]

What Natural Light Can Do For You
June 17, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Reliance on electricity has been a part of everyday life ever since the fabled key-tied-to-a-kite-string seeped its way into American consciousness. From Ben Franklin’s fateful discovery to now, though, conservationists beckon and greener alternatives seem aplenty. For those weary of the glow of fluorescence, throwing open the blinds can have positive effects on your body, […]

Can Natural Remedies Help With Hearing Loss?
June 14, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Many people suffer from hearing loss and unfortunately more are developing it everyday. There are conventional methods of treatment but are there alternatives that have proven to work? Noise induced hearing loss is one of the most common forms of deafness that people are developing. This is mainly due to working environments or listening to […]

Human Oral SR1 Bacteria: Cracking the Genetic Code
June 10, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

Our bodies are nothing more than a habitat for bacteria. In fact, many of these bacteria share space with the food we put into our mouth. Our mouth – the one place where we are most afraid of bacteria. That's why we brush, floss, and use a wild assortment of gargles and rinses to keep […]

Dealing With Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
June 6, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with Sacroiliitis about 2 years ago.  I have always stayed pretty active throughout my life, playing sports throughout high school, and running and biking after that. Hip pain issues had never been a problem for me up to this point. When I started experiencing hip pain on […]

Medical News: FDA Issues Warning Regarding Temporary Tattoos
May 15, 2013 .:. Categories: Mixed Bag

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning in late March cautioning spring break revelers, and those planning summer vacations, about the dangers associated with temporary tattoos. Since getting temporary tattoos have increased in popularity, the FDA is finding an increased number of people reporting adverse effects of certain types of temporary tattoos. The […]

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